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    What Our Students Say
    • Askar Klyshbekov

      24 - Kazakhstan

            Thanks to TalkEnglishClass.
      Professional team, dedicated
      staff, joyful time spend with you!

    • Sibel Hidisoglu

      43 - Turkey

            I’ve started a few months ago
      and I wasn’t expecting that it will
      work but now I’m planning to
      continue for a very long time.

    • Magd Azem

      24 - Israel

            I’m so much happy with the
      results and manager behavior. It's
      nice to feel comfortable with
      English language and this what
      school gave me.

    • Gregorio Bordoy

      55 - Spain

            I’m a manager for an international
      company, during the last 2 months
      learning English with TEC, I’ve felt
      more comfortable in my daily English
      matters; emails, meetings.

    • Amirhossein Garousi

      20 - Malaysia

            When I started my first session on
      TalkEnglishClass I couldn't speak
      English but now I can see my
      improvements in my language skills.

    • Kim Haeun

      15 - South Korea

            I’ve studied English on
      TalkEnglishClass more than 2 years.
      I feel my English skill is developed
      so much. They have great teachers.

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    Talk English Class

    Free English Trial Class

    Take a free trial class with our head teacher to feel
    more comfortable before buying a course package

    •   Check English Proficiency
    •   Set English Learning Goals
    •   Discuss Learning Style
    •   Create Cultural Training Plan
    Talk English via Skype
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    Talk English Class
    Online English Course for Kids
    This Course focuses on the individual learning requirement of the kid, addressing the
    skills for pronunciation, grammar and basic vocabulary

    • Increase their confidence and interest in the English language
    • Focus on building confidence in English communication skills
    • Develop thinking and problem-solving skills
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    Talk English Class
    Business English Classes for Professionals
                      Interview, Telephoning, Business writing, Presentation skills, Meetings
    Our intensive online English courses for business have a problem-solving approach to help with your professional needs
Install Skype

1. Install Skype

1. Install Skype

To install Skype, download the app to your gadgets and click run. After you have fully installed it, you can make your own account by signing up. You can also go Skype.com to register.

Try a Trial Lesson

2. Try a Trial Class

2. Try a Trial Class

Join us and try our trial class to have a look at what we are offering. Just click on the request form for a trial class button and have a go!

Choose Your Course

3. Choose Your Course

3. Choose Your Course

Pick the courses that you want to take up from a variety of options given to you. With us you can have the freedom for your own comfort.

Start Lesson

4. Start Class

4. Start Class

Avail now and start a class with our very own English teachers that are more than capable to handle your development.

Efficient Class Reports

After every class you will have report with class recording file so you can review your class and keep track of your progress! In the class report ( Click to view the example), we focus on Pronunciation, Vocabulary and Grammar.

One-to-One Class

We believe that to learn English, the most important thing is to speak more. All classes at TalkEnglishClass are private, so you can speak more than in a group class. It also helps the teacher to focus on what you need to learn.

24 Hours a Day

Our Online English Classes are available 24 hours a day, so you can learn English at your most convenient time and with your own notebook, tablet or smartphone. Save your time!

    English Courses at TalkEnglishClass

     Online English Course consists of five proficiency levels, hundreds of language topics, and integrates all of the language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) and sub-skills (vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation).

     Do you need more practice in speaking and writing? No problem, we can customize your course to give you exactly what you need.


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